About us

Trading in Ethereum can be done through many online brokers. Each broker has their own pros and cons. That is why it is important to know why you want to trade in Ethereum. Will you trade for the long or short term, are you expecting certain services and do you want to use CFDs.

We have made a selection of these online brokers. The top 5 are the most popular brokers right now. We use the choices of other traders, which brokers are used most often, and what their reviews are like. Always compare brokers thoroughly and only use money you can do without. Your money is at risk when using the services of these brokers.

With this selection, we hope to simplify your choice in broker. We have listed the conclusion and the pros and cons for you. Depending on your wishes, it is easy to make an account with one or several brokers. You can start trading in Ethereum today.

Please be aware that the use of these trade platforms brings significant risk. Only use money you are prepared to lose.